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As we take our first steps into another new year, uncertainty may be at the forefront of our minds. It’s not an uncommon feeling during this time of year. 2017 brought many ups and downs in the technological world, with some advancements pushing us further into an automated world. As I continue my practices and education in quantitative trading, I’m taking a look back at what I’ve learned in 2017 in the hopes of preparing myself even better for what 2018 has in store.


Here are, what I believe to be, some of the most important blogs I published in 2017 on quantitative trading practices, trends, and news.


Pro Tips for Getting into Quantitative Trading

In this blog, I address prospective quantitative trading specialists. These tips still ring true heading into 2018, and I strongly encourage all who are interested in the practice to do their research on the industry as laid out in this blog. Familiarizing yourself with the types of software and applications used in quant trading is an absolute must – without knowledge of this software, you won’t get very far. I also discuss personal skills such as programming and risk management strategies. These are areas that you’ll want to be well versed in before diving into this profession. In addition to all of this, I discuss the importance of mathematics and education. Well considered advice is always worth a second read, and this blog will help to prepare any trading hopeful.


Humans vs. Machines in Quantitative Trading- Who Wins?

This is a very popular topic of discussion. There always seems to be a concern about robots taking over once we develop technology that helps to advance the working world. Now, this blog is a bit different than that, but it does show what exactly happens when you pit the human brain against machines in quant trading. While a takeover of technology is what most people expect, I discuss how both entities need each other in order to create the best product and outcomes possible. Technology and humans both have their faults, where the future of quant trading lies is somewhere in between both practices. This is certainly something to keep in mind while we head into 2018.


Quantitative Trading and Machine Learning

In a similar discussion as humans vs machines in quant trading, this blog discovers where machine learning developments are headed thanks to growing technology. Machine learning is a huge advancement not only in trading professions but in every act that uses a computer. This is still a newly explored technology that is bringing massive changes to industries all over the world. Quant specialists and tech lovers alike will want to keep their eye on machine learning in 2018. Before you read about where we’re headed, take a look back at this blog to see exactly where we are now.


I hope you’ve found my 2017 round up to be helpful as you continue your quant trading practices. There is always a great deal to learn from looking back at what you think you already know. Here’s to new findings in 2018!